With the release of BB10, Blackberry users have been treated to a slick new interface that feels much more modernized than the older one. While the company has been among the last to embrace the modern “smartphone-esque” home screen designs used by other companies, their new release is no less useful. The company has shown that they have taken the lessons of other phone companies and incorporated them into their new OS, hopefully bypassing some of the hurdles experienced by earlier versions of most smartphone OS versions. Now if you’re upgrading to BB10, you need to know how to get the most out of its powerful features.
The new OS is built in the QNX environment that Blackberry acquired in 2010. It is completely redesigned from the ground up to provide an efficient environment for users. Gestures have been added to the list of features provided through BB10 and this can make the phone much easier and efficient to use. Gestures can be assigned to the phone and can have different results. For example, you can assign a side-to-side shaking gesture to raise or lower the volume of a media application if you wanted to do that.

For media lovers, the new Time Shift feature in BB10 is an exciting addition that can make your photos really stand out. When taking a photo, Time Shift will capture everything a few milliseconds before and a few milliseconds after the actual photo has been taken. This eliminates that feeling of “just missing” the perfect shot since you can review all of the photos taken before deciding on one or more to keep.

The Voice Control feature on BB10 is designed to allow users to navigate through their phone by speaking to it. The voice recognition features in BB10 are among the best in the world and have been met with a very positive response. Using Voice Control, users can do everything from search the Internet to operate their applications simply by telling the phone what to do.

Blackberry has been a fairly late bloomer with its introduction of this modernized operating system. Despite this, throngs of supportive Blackberry fans are lining up around the world to get their hands on the new operating system. With the excellent integration between Blackberry’s smartphones and their touch-screen tablet computers, the company can now provide a unique and seamless experience across all of its consumer devices.