Talking on your phone can be a risk proposition when you are in your car. Fortunately, there are ways that you can stay safe while you are talking on the phone while driving. What are some of the tools that you can use to keep your hands on the wheel instead of holding your phone?

Why Should You Use Hands-Free Devices?

Taking your eyes off of the road for even a split second increases your odds of getting into an accident. By eliminating the need to look down at your phone to answer it or see who is calling, you can safely answer your phone without having to remove your eyes from the road.

Bluetooth is Your Friend

A Bluetooth device syncs your phone with your car. You then use the speakers located in your radio to hold the conversation. When the call is over, you can hit a button your device or on your steering wheel to end the conversation. Many new cars come with voice technology that allows you to say a name or phone number to automatically make a call without using your hands.

Most Phones Have This Ability

Smartphones are not the only phones that have the ability to wirelessly sync up with your car. Prepaid cell phones may also come with Bluetooth connectivity. If you like to talk while you are driving to work or to school, inquire about this feature before you buy any phone.

Additional Accessories Make Your Phone Easier to Use

Car charger kits make it easier to keep your phone charged while you are driving. If you have USB ports in your automobile, you can charge your phone using those ports. You can also use your USB ports to stream music from your phone to your radio. This makes it possible to listen to your own music instead of listening to whatever is on the radio.

It is critical that you stay safe behind the wheel. Instead of allowing your phone to become a distraction, you should use technology that gives you the opportunity to answer a phone call without looking at or touching your phone.