If you have a data or voice plan on your phone, you could be paying as much as $50 a month for those services alone. Text messaging plans may also add another $20 or more to the cost of your plan. What can you do if you want a smartphone without paying too much for it?
Discount Cellular Carriers
Discount Service Providers Give You Free SMS Services

No one should have to pay to send or receive a text message. In fact, you can download apps to your smartphone that will bypass your carrier and give you the ability to send text messages for free. Although some major carriers still make you pay for a text message package or allow you to pay for each message that you send, smaller carriers will give you that service for free regardless of how many messages you send or receive.

Get Unlimited Data for Free or a Reduced Price

Many providers will charge you a flat rate for a certain amount of data each month. However, if you go over that amount, you are charged for each additional gigabyte used per month. For those who use their phone on a regular basis, this can add another $10 or more to their monthly bill. However, smaller carriers won’t impose any restrictions on how you use your phone each month.

You Don’t Have to Buy a Phone

The best reason to use a smaller carrier is that you can use your current phone and your current phone number. This saves you from having to pay $500 for a new phone. If you don’t have good credit, you can get a good deal on a monthly plan because many smaller carriers won’t do a credit check.

You shouldn’t have to pay an exorbitant fee each month to send a text message or stream a video. The good news is that many discount carriers allow you to send and receive as many messages as you want or talk as much as you want without getting sticker shock when you see your monthly bill. If you don’t want to abandon your smartphone for a prepaid phone, a discount carrier may be for you.