Cell phone service providers have large networks that cover almost anywhere in America. If you go overseas, your provider may not have an agreement with a specific country to provide service over their network. This means that you could be subject to expensive roaming charges.

Consider Buying an International Package

International data packages allow you to use your phone wherever you are in the world without incurring thousands of dollars worth of international data use charges. Getting an international phone bundle can also keep costs down related to text messaging as well as how much you pay per minute when you make a phone call.

A Travel Package Can Be Used in Almost Any Location

Those who use their cell phone in foreign countries should check to see that providers in a particular country use the GSM protocol. This ensures that your phone is covered by any package that you have purchased for your phone while you are out of the country. If the country that you are in does not use that protocol, it may be easier to buy a temporary phone for use while you are gone. Anyone who is traveling to Russia or most Asian countries should buy a new phone for their time in that region.

Turning off Certain Apps Can Lower Your Data Usage While Overseas

If you have to bring your phone with you when you travel, make sure that you disable any apps that you are not using. Most apps will use data to acquire your location as well as other information that can be accessed when you open the app. Therefore, you could be racking up roaming charges even when certain features of your phone are not currently being used.

It is important that you understand the cost of roaming when you go overseas. Although you shouldn’t have any issues using your phone anywhere in the United States, taking a trip from Buffalo to Toronto could trigger massive roaming charges while you are out of the country. Therefore, contact your service provider before you leave to make sure that you are protected against any unnecessary and expensive roaming charges.