After choosing the phone plan basics such as minutes used and data, one of the first questions that many ask is about long distance rates. Without choosing the proper plan, those that are traveling the globe or even making long distance calls from their landline may find themselves paying huge amounts for even a short call or a few texts. This is why all those that are planning on traveling, considering a new provider, or going to be making long distance calls from their home phone should take a closer look at how this will affect the overall cost.

From the moment that a long distance call is made, there is an incredible amount of technology that will be used for both landlines and mobile networks. This may include multiple satellites, switchboards, traditional copper wires, and even international fiber optic lines. Due to the complexity of this process, long distance calls are often the most expensive options for a new landline or smartphone that will be operating on a wireless network. Without first investigating long distance add-ons, phone companies can charge a large amount for those that are making calls just outside of their local call area.

For a mobile phone network, the phone owner will first need to discover if their phone company requires both roaming rates and long distance minutes. In the event that the individual is planning on international travel, such as North America to Europe, they will need to purchase a new roaming card that is compatible with a European network. They will then need to activate a plan that may include texting, minutes, and data usage for the international mobile phone network.

For landlines, the options for adding a long distance contract to their usage can either be done directly through the phone company itself as one of their add-ons or through a long distance company. When done through the phone company, any calls outside of the local network will automatically receive the pre-arranged rates. When a third-party company is used, the customer will often be given a custom chip, phone, number to call, or a PIN to route their calls through.

Rates can become overwhelming for those that allow the base charges when making long distance calls or roaming. With a little foresight, however, international calls can be made to any country and on any budget.